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Hong Kong Government Registered D-Biz IT Provider
* Logistics Systems
   - Customer Management, eBooking System, Shipment Track & Trace
   - Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Warehouse System, Transportation System
   - Purchase Sales & Inventory System, PO System, Project Cargo, Exhibition
   - Invoice, GL AR/AP, Statistics, BI
* Gica Accounting System, Gica Online Shopping, Gica Camera Monitor
* Gica Forecast System, ERP, EDI, Gica CRM, Gica Mail

GICA Logistics Software - About GICA

GICA Logistics Software Ltd is a high technology company, dedicated in developing, implementing and maintaining computer software systems for logistics enterprises. GICA is headquartered in Hong Kong where is also the center for system design, quality assurance and business management. GICA also setup branches in China as centers of product development, project development, unit test, integration test, customer test, customer services and technical support.
GICA values her staff on the top of the enterprise asset list. Without talented, capable, willing to contribute and love to be in GICA people, GICA would not be able to provide quality systems and quality services to her clients. The management members of GICA are coming from two areas, logistics and IT. Those who are from logistics industry have over 15 years working experience in the business of forwarding, warehousing, fleet scheduling and other logistics sectors. Those IT people at GICA have very strong academic background (like professors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences) as well as strong background in application development and implementation. More over, all senior staff of GICA has multi-national working experience like in China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and other regions. They have broad vision and international exposure in logistics software industry.
As for the engineers and developers at GICA, our HR principle is that they might not be the most talented and might not be from the best known universities around the world, but they must be those who are most committed, most concentrated, self-motivated and most hardworking people.
GICA recognizes the value of quality which is the core value of the company. All software programs are designed by experienced Analysts and Designers in Hong Kong where is also the quality assurance center. Every single piece of program must pass unit test, integration test, trial run test, customer test, and other tests required by ISO9000 and CMM. They also must after production run for at least one logistics firm for over 6 months before installing to other clients. GICA sees herself more as a quality service provider than a software house. GICA commits to her clients that, all software bugs are to be handled within 24 hours.
GICA provides solutions for the full life cycle of logistics business. The systems have already installed to logistics firms in Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Australia.
Here are some of the logistics packages available from GICA Logistics Software Ltd.
1) Customer Management System;
2) Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
3) Rates and Quotation Management System;
4) Purchase Order Track & Trace System;
5) Routine Order Track & Trace System;
6) eBooking and Tracking System;
7) Air Freight (Export) Operation and Management System;
8) Air Freight (Import) Operation and Management System;
9) Ocean Freight (Export) Operation and Management System;
10) Ocean Freight (Import) Operation and Management System;
11) CFS & Warehouse Management System (Enterprise Version);
12) CFS & Warehouse Management System (Express Version);
13) CFS & WMS Wireless System;
14) Transportation & Fleet Operation and Management System;
15) Accounting Invoice System;
16) Integrated Finance & Accounting System
17) Enterprise Consolidated Reports System;
18) Basic Data Maintenance System;
19) Universal Language Enabling Engine;
20) System Tools Module;
21) Data Bridge System;
22) Enterprise Forum & BBS System;
23) Online Document Fax System;
24) Online Document Email System;
25) Event Monitor and Management System;
26) System Administration Module;
27) Gica Ligistics Platform.
What GICA emphasizes is to provide a professional, integrated, internet based, multiple language enabled logistics operation and management solutions.

To become THE company that provides user friendly, high quality and effective logistics solutions and services.
To become a best known, most productive, most efficient and most profitable logistics software enterprise in Asia Pacific region and eventually globally outstanding.
With the combinational advantages of the experiences, skills, knowledge and resources in logistics and IT, to develop, provide and implement logistics software solutions, maintenance and business consulting services to the logistics industry in Asia Pacific Region and eventually around the world.
The technology path of the product development at GICA are based on the latest development of IT technologies, including J2EE technologies and .Net technologies, with consideration of the quality, development efficiency, targeted customer base, as well as of the marketing needs.
The development technological path also base on the component-based development (CBD) methodology and feature driven development (FDD) methodologies. These development methodologies guarantee the flexibility, scalability, configurability, and other characteristics of the requirements of the logistics industry.

GICA Logistics Systems Build Up Your Business Platform

It is not just a ‘Logistics Software System’ but a business environment integrating Forwarders, Buyers, Suppliers, Carriers,EDI, AMS/ACI/ISF to provide Freight Operations, PO, Track & Trace, BI, and so on.

Your Requirements and GICA Solutions

System Code What you need? What is our solutions
1 Web based 1) Run the system from anywhere anytime using any computer. You only need a PC or notebook. No need to install any software.
2) Simple – easy to understand and operate. No need training.
3) Fast – the speed to retrieve a job from 1 millions is less than 0.5 second.
2 Customer Management 1) Manage different type of Customers and Vendors:
a) Customers: Shipper, Consignee, Notify Party, etc
b) Vendors: Carrier, Trucking, Warehouse, etc
2) System can manage customers credit limit for control of
Booking/Invoicing. One customer can have multiple addresses.
3 PO Operation and Management Platform 1) System allows manual input or import PO data stored in Excel file.
2) One PO may have multiple po items corresponding to different Origin.
3) Each origin office can upload their PO items to shipment.
4) The PO document can be dynamically defined in different formats.
4 Client Track & Trace Client can use different Browser track & trace the status of
1) Shipment status by HBL/HAWB#
2) Container Container#
3) Ocean Shipment, Air Shipment, Trucking Job, Warehouse, etc.
5 Online Booking Client can place booking online.
1) The client booking data can be confirmed as real shipment;
2) Or to be transferred to another system via EDI.
3) The third party system can communicate with GICA system on
the amendmend and handling of the booking data, via XML/EDI
6 Global Freight Operations 1) Ocean Freight Export;
2) Ocean Freight Import;
3) AMS, ACI, ISF automatically integrated with AMS gateways;
4) Air Export
5) Air Import
6) Export job transfers to destination, and synchronized automatically.
7) Load PO items according to PO Origin country.
8) Quotation and Invoicing
9) Documentation to generate various documents which can be defined by Client.
10) Job Profit & Loss
11) Provisonal Income/Cost and Actual Income/Cost
12) Shipment Movement and P & L Statistics
7 Trucking and Delivery Operations 1) Origin Trucking
2) Destination Trucking operations
3) Invoicing and Accounting
4) Statistics
5) Status Track & Trace, integration with Trucking companies to update job status.
8 Project Cargo System 1) One project may be handled by multiple offices.
2) One project job may use different logistics models like Ocena, Air, Train, etc.
9 Exhibition System 1) One exhibition job may be handled by multiple offices.
2) One exhibition job may use different logistics models like Ocena, Air, Train, etc.
10 Auto Billing 1) System generated automatic Debit Note, Creidt Note or Payment for Profit & Cost allocation based on pre-defined rules.
11 EDI, ISF, AMS, ACI, eManifest 1) Integrated with AMS, ACI, ISF, eManifest by clicking button to submit customs documents.
2) Shipment information can be integrated with third party systems including Freight System or Accounting Systems, like Oracle Accounting, PeachTree, MyOB, Microsoft NAV Accounting, and so on.
3) Data Bridge to transfer shipment information from one office to another, from one system to another via EDI interface.
12 Carrier Integration 1) Integrated with Carriers, Airlines, Trucking companies, etc.
2) System automatically picks status of shipment & container movement, then displays to Clients in Track & Trace.
3) Integrated with Carriers via gateway companies like CargoSmart, TradeTech, etc.
13 Third Party System Integration 1) GICA system can integrate with systems of third parties via XML, EDI, CSV, TXT, etc, like MyOB accounting, PeachTree Accounting, China Accountings, or any others ERP systems or forwarding systems.
2) This module enables data integration and exchange with systems of Shippers, Consignees, coloaders, and so on.
3) GICA system can receive interface files via FTP or emails from other third party systems.
4) GICA system can export interface files then send to other third party systems via FTP or email.
14 Warehouse Management, CFS, Barcode, and Inventory Control 1) Warehouse operations, supports First In First Out.
2) Customs processing (automatically integrated with Customs gateways)
3) Storage Fee calculation, supports partial operations
4) Barcode module
5) Integrated with Accounting
15 ERP 1) Vendor Management and Purchase Quotation
2) Customer Management and Sales Quotation
3) Raw material management and inventory control;
4) Tools management and inventory control;
5) Product inventory and warehouse operations
6) HR System
7) Invoicing and Accounting
16 Mobile System 1) Mobile phone Booking, Track & Trace and Notification
17 Operation Tracing 1) System log down every single operation trace, when, what data items are modified, by whom, via which computer.
18 BI System & Consolidation 1) Data Statistics, Data Mining, and Business Intelligent KPI
2) Consolidation statistics of the group or multiple offices

About GICA - Case Sutdy

Gica has recently implemented GICA PO & Freight System for a global logistics enterprise headquartered in New York with 43 branches of over 500 staff in US, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, India, Pakstan, Phillipines, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc.
1) It is a purely web based system. Operation staff anytime at any office using any computer can just ‘plug-and-play’ to run GICA systems. There is no need to install any extra software but simply use the standard Internet Browser to run system.
2) Simple and Fast – The system is built in the philosophy of One Click Only. That is to say, the system screens are designed as simple as possible and in a style of ‘What You See Is What You Get’. Most of the business operations can be done in one mouse click, including data entry, HBL and other document generation, Invoicing, and so on.
3) Integrated with PO System – the Buyers at Destination Office in USA/Canada can import PO data via Excel files, then allocated to Origin offices in different countries automatically. Every single operation on shipment is automatically updated to the PO status therefore Buyers and Destination staff can track & trace these PO easily.
4) Integrated Origin and Destination Operations – PO data is automatically allocated to Origin offices in different countries for shipment operations; Origin shipment data is automatically mirrored and transferred to Destination offices for arrival operations including domestic operations in USA/Canada.
5) Integated with AMS/ISF/ACI – GICA system is automatically integrated with AMS/ISF/ACI for Customs operations. A simple button click transmits the shipment into Customs systems for AMS/ISF/ACI. Responses are automatically feedback via emails. So far, there are over 3000 AMS/ISF/ACI transactions per month, all being handled through GICA.
6) Integated with Carriers – GICA system is integrated with major carriers including Hapag-Lloyd, COSCO, YANG MING, etc via EDI 315. Every single movement of the containers is automatically updated into the shipment status and PO status. Therefore Operations and Clients can track & trace the shipment status easily.
7) Integrated with Accounting Systems – GICA Invoicing system is automatically integrated with various Accounting Systems including PeachTree in Hong Kong, Microsft NAV Accounting System in Canada/USA, UFIDA (User Friend Accounting System) in China.

System modules and screen layout

Below is a list of the major functions for a typical operation staff. Some modules are not displayed here including Price & Quotaion, AMS/ISF/ACI, Carrier Integation, Domestic Transport & Delivery, Statistics, Business Intelligence Analysis, System Administration, etc.

The operation screen is designed in a style of ‘What You See If What You Get’. Operation staff can easily learn how to use without any extra training.

On the same screen, you can perform almost all daily operations including –

1) Data Entry;
2) Documentation like HBL, MBL, Booking Confirmation, Shipping Advice, Load Plan, Sailing Advice, and so on.
3) Invoicing and Job P&L
5) Settle Document
6) Carriers milestone update via EDI 315
7) Document uploading and downloading
8) Load Plan
9) VGM
10) Load PO
11) Workflow Control and Management
12) And more … All are done on the same operation screen.

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